Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chemo Graduation!

I am beyond ecstatic to be writing this post congratulating myself for finishing 6 rounds of chemo and 18 weeks of side effects. So, yes, a flames' beanie was in order for this final go-round (again, courtesy of my 11 yr. old neighbor Sam).

Thank you to all of you who cheered me on these past 4 months and especially for this last round. I received such wonderful texts, cards, pictures, calls and love! I am forever grateful for the support. And before I head into 9 more months of Herceptin infusions (minus the side effects of chemo!), I wanted to share a small dose of the love that I received from all of you during this last round.

Nothing like a thumbs up pic from my big sis as I sat down in that chemo chair on July 17th. Made my day! She's been cheering me on the entire way with a big 'Wahoo' even when I felt like I couldn't go on for even one last round. 

I came home that day to a fun surprise delivery of flowers from my sister and a sweet note congratulating me on my chemo finale and saying that I 'Rock!' Love you 'two biggers and a whole lot too' sister!

A text from my mom made my day (my head cheerleader)! We just got her up and running with texting (she's so hip!) and look at her go now! I love hearing from my mom since she couldn't be there with me! Love you 'Two biggers and a whole lot' back Mom! 

Good friends Jeff and Aleesh paid homage to my flames beanie on chemo #6 by texting me back this picture of the two of them in their froggy and panda stylin' hats. Man I could've used those cute hats over the past couple of months but they look crazy cute on the two of them.

Obviously against his will and better judgement, Jeff and Aleesh's dog Cal (yes, named after Cal Berkeley) sent his own texted pic of a beanie tribute for round #6. And although his expression doesn't capture the jubilation of wearing a kitty beanie, I know deep down inside, he was super excited and knew how uber cool he looked sporting that black cat on his head.

Even my 5 year old niece Maddie got in on the celebration by texting this pic with her dad saying "I Love you Auntie Yogi and Auntie Hil!" And to that, I say "Ditto and back to ya girlie." Appreciate the love and the cure!

To top things off, our old housemate and good friend Ruston dropped by for an impromptu visit the day after round 6 and graced us with his supreme musicianship. He and Hil got right back up on the saddle like the 'ol days and sang several songs for our listening pleasure. It was divine and definitely music to my ears. Ruston even dedicated 'On the Road to Recovery,' a special song that he made up for me on the spot. A good way to end round 6 I would say.