Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chemo #1: Stats for A Cure

6 hours of chemo

5 chemo meds called 'TCH' - infused 1 at a time

3 side effects during chemo (itching attack, a flushed face & a bad taste in my throat & mouth)

3 Tylenol

1 Benedryl

1 Zofran

1 Ativan

2 Dexamethasome

1 fabulous nurse (Martha)

2 great standby nurses

1 head nurse

1 chemo mixologist (still waiting on my martini Amber!)

1 visit & 2 plants brought from a dear friend and her sweet son (xoxo to Julie & Jeremy)

1 visit from an old/new friend Sydney

15+ texts and emails from dear friends and family during chemo

1 hilarious quote from my brother-in-law Eric - "Make cancer your B*tch today!"

1 huge support system from the love of my life (Hilary) - How lucky am I?



  1. You go Eric said, "make cancer your b*tch". We all love you so very much!

  2. Doing my best! Gonna follow his advice even through these side effects! Noting is taking me down! I'm a Barker & we all know what that means! Step back Cancer!

  3. How goes it the morning after? Did the strange taste go away? Did the Martini ever arrive? Sounds like once again you had some wonderful people on your team. Yes Hilary is super and the two of you together is super duper! I'm visualizing your chemo cocktail in there kickin some cancer A$$.Love you.

  4. That's right Cheri! Surrounded by love, great peeps and some kick-a$$ cancer fighting drugs! Feeling good! Still no martini, but my chemo mixologist gave me a day-after immune shot. No salted rim, but good for the body!'

  5. you are such a rockstar! i can picture you and hil being hilarious and amazing and gosh i miss you both so much and send so much love across the USA! xoxoxox