Sunday, May 27, 2012

Go Bald or Go Home!

Disclaimer: Results not typical. Some models are paid professionals - HA!

When I say that I NEVER thought that in my lifetime I would be personally touched by baldness, I mean never! But as of late, there seems to be a bald invasion that I am now surrounded by.

So, now I find myself in a unique position that involves the skin on my head that I haven't seen since my baby pictures five decades back. Then a couple of weeks ago, I received this card in the mail from Hil's family, spearheaded by her older brother Marcus (yes, the same brother that I made look at my post-mastectomy chest right after surgery because I simply couldn't peek myself). Hey, he's a professional 'boob guy' from his earlier days as a medical device engineer for breast cancer detection. Who better to have a looky-loo than him? P.S. He thought it looked "REALLY good - awesome in fact!"

But, in between parenting and working 60 hour weeks with his own engineering company, Marcus somehow found the creative time and the wholeheartedness to photoshop a picture of everyone in Hil's family sporting their baldness in support of my own. Seriously? This so sparked simultaneous laughter and tears. But here's the kicker, I quickly found out that not everyone on the card was Photoshopped!

Say what?

The gals of course all still have their locks (minus 10" of Hannah's hair that she donated) and in spite of the fact that Hil keeps offering to shave her head to be on 'Team Yog!' (I just can't have her do it). BUT... the boys (big and small) have all shaved their heads in honor of my own baldness. Wow! Now that's a crazy-bald-love-fest right there.

Nate (Hil's younger brother), has been rocking the near-bald-look for the last year or so, but even more so now as he and I have been threatening to have a 'Who Wore It Better' bald head competition. So, I think I may just need to open the poll to all the boys in the family now.

Bottom line, I was genuinely touched by the card, the love and the nod to my new chrome dome courtesy of chemo. And if I'm going to have a bald posse by my side, this one's a pretty great one to have!


  1. This is so touching and funny – what a wonderful surprise to receive. Seems as though you’re surrounded by an awesome group of people. And they all look good bald too, as I’m sure you do as well. Thanks for sharing this great card.

  2. HOLY BALD LOVE FEST BATMAN! I love it! Love it! Love it!