Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Ray of Light & Sunshine

Some might say this shot was a simple sunshine effect or a lighting bonus, I say poppycock!

Actually, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this picture, recently taken just two days before my last chemo, was perfect timing. And without risking sounding too spiritual for some, I'd like to believe that this beam of light was a message from someone (ok dad, I got it!) letting me know that I can forge on with my treatment and all will be just fine.

I'd also like to think that I still have that beam around me as I head into my last chemo treatment next week. The past couple rounds have been rather gnarly and I'm hoping for a little light (pun intended) on this round because frankly, these treatments are starting to take a toll on this body. But, I'm doing my very best to keep my chin up and know that I am surrounded by goodness (and light!).

So, thank you to our friend Vanessa who took this picture and was amazed herself as none of the other pictures she captured that day showed the beam of light. Now that, I find inspiring.


  1. Beautiful photograph :) And congrats on finishing chemotherapy!

  2. It's like the sun's very own ufo beam, but just for you!