Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bald Solidarity!

I finally gave in and shaved Hil's head after months of her begging me to allow this act of solidarity. I simply couldn't bear it at the beginning of chemo as it only represented illness to me. But now that I'm on the other side of that part of treatment and feeling much better physically and emotionally, I volunteered to give her the Buddha look she was desiring a few nights ago (thank you Amy & Matt for the shaver!).  I am over the moon with her new look and this immense act of love and support! Here's a few more pics that I captured of her today. WOW, right?!

A nod to a true beauty...

In contemplation as always...

With our backyard Buddha. Lots of prayers these days...

Thanks to Buddha for answering our prayers...

I've been so touched by Yog's bravery throughout this entire breast cancer journey and especially her willingness to embrace her beautiful baldness by walking out courageously in public without any hair covering.  Throughout this process, I have noticed how people, both young and old, would stare at her and I just wanted to protect her and shield her from all judgement.  So when in choosing to shave my head, I wanted to not only provide a buffer for her but to also walk in unity with her in as much as I could, not having gone through the experience of cancer, myself.  I also wanted to know what it was like to walk in her shoes, if only through the semblance of a bald head.  And since last Thursday, which was B-day (no, not birthday but rather my personal Bald-day) I have undergone an enormous emotional and spiritual change.  What was intended as a supportive gesture to Yog has ended up being a wonderful gift to me.  I feel stronger, more powerful as a woman, more vulnerable, and feel stripped of some of my ego. I never expected to receive the gifts I have from this simple act of a head shave but I'm glad I did it and am glad that Yog was the one to shave it for me....She is the brave one!


  1. You both are so beautiful and courageous! I feel so lucky to have met the both of you on your journey here at the Cancer Center. Thank you for everything you've given to me. :) You've made my job worth it.
    Megan (aka, Mad Scientist)

    1. MEGAN!! My 'Mad Scientist!' First of all, THANK YOU for your kind words. Secondly, WE are the lucky ones to have met you. Because of you, I have received my 'good medicine.' Because of you, I feel security. Because of you, my family members can sigh a sigh of relief. You're the best of the best inside and out. Hope to see you tomorrow for Herceptin #10 - 2:00. If we can't find you, drop by the chemo room to say hello! xo

    2. Aw I missed you :( I have meetings all day on Wednesdays!

  2. Team power! It's kind of like the two of you are in a really small gang for the force of good.