Sunday, November 18, 2012

Herceptin #11: BOO!

By now, my new friends at the Cancer Center have learned one thing about me - expect the unexpected. And, never underestimate the power of a little humor as it truly can carry one through difficult and dark times. Hence, the hats for Herceptin treatment #11.

Delightful and humorous, simply said, these hats that neighbor Sam gave me came in handy just in time for not only Halloween, but for the diversion I was looking for 4 days post-reconstruction surgery and for some gnarly pain. And because of that, may I openly and honestly admit that I don't recall much about this day, my treatment or the hats (Thank yoooouuuu Norco 10, Ativan annnnnd Tramadol).

High on life (and apparently pain meds), this treatment went swimmingly well and smooth according to my mom and Hil. And while I value a sharp mind and memory, undeniably, I didn't have much of either for Herceptin #11 or for that entire day for that matter. For all I know, I showed the chemo staff and the room full of my newest, elderly friends, the 'New Girls' (Oh, how I hope that isn't the case!).

And so here's how the day went down according to Hil, my mom and the pictures that I found on the computer just yesterday - a genuine surprise.

First stop, an appointment with my oncologist which was quickly followed up with my Herceptin treatment in the chemo room (again, I only know this because of the pictures you see above that I found on the computer yesterday). Second stop, lunch with Julie-Bunny at her house for some lovely soup (so I hear), great company and stimulating conversation (I recall NO.THING! - Sorry Julie). And my last stop was to my post-surgery appointment where my acute memory (vaguely recalled yesterday) of the conversation the three of us had (subtext: a lecture from Hil and my mom) in the parking lot as we were walking into the medical building to see Dr. Soares. Apparently, it went down something like this:

HIL: Ma, we HAVE to make sure Yog walks in there like she's off her pain meds because the nurse doesn't want her to be on any and will chew her out if she suspects anything!
MY MOM: Okay, what should we do?
HIL: We need to give her more coffee!
MY MOM: Did you hear what Hil said, Yog? Drink the coffee. Quick!
ME: What are we doing here?
HIL: Yog, I'm, serious, stand up straight, don't talk much, open your eyes and act like you're really alert.
MY MOM: Shouldn't she be able to walk in on her own, Hil?
HIL: Yeah. Well, we'll just get her up the ramp to the front door of the building and then have her walk into the office on her own.
MY MOM: Got it. Sounds good. Did you hear that Yog?
ME: Oh yeah. I just love Dr. Soares. He's the best ever!

Stellar performance with Dr. Soares and his nurse - check. And from what I found out yesterday and after looking through all of the pictures, the appointment went very well and the doctor was extremely pleased with the outcome of my reconstruction surgery and recovery.

Moral of this story: Ignorance is bliss.


  1. I love this! As you can see from the photo above(kitchen table), I was imparting wickedly important information to you that we will have to re visit that info or have your Mom and Hil remind you:)

    1. So I hear! Hil tried to relay 'the story' yesterday to me but then gave up mid-way through it and said, "Just call Julie!" Too funny. I seriously remember NOTHING and my first question to Hil after looking at the pictures was, "When did my mom go to Julie's house?" followed by "Whose dog is that and whose house am I in?" Oye!

  2. Hilarious! Those pictures are fantastic, and clearly you have a rather incredible support team. The coffee sounds like it was a very good idea. :) ~Catherine

  3. Yes, quite hilarious! Especially the more I find out about this day. But, my support team (AKA, 'My dynamic Duo!') takes wonderful care of me! I consider myself very fortunate. Hope you are doing well.

  4. Replies
    1. Thought you'd like our hat costumes! As luck would have it, my memory escapes me on this day so all I have to go on are these pictures! But because of them, I have apologized to both Hil and my mom for making them wear the hats. I have been forgiven.