Monday, November 21, 2011

WEEK 1: Appointments! Appointments! Appointments!

OK, follow me if you can....Drove back from my mom's house in Monterey on Monday....called several doctors on the way back to Ventura to get in to have someone feel this an appointment with a Doc in Ventura - IN 3 WEEKS! (forget that) another appointment with my old GYN in Santa Barbara for the next day (went with that).....had a breast exam (yes she found the lump immediately) ....pap smear.... cervical ultrasound....breast-pump-thingamajig-test (quite unpleasant)...walked down the street to radiology for a breast ultrasound and cone mammogram (yes, there is such a thing)....walked across the street to the hospital for cancer screening blood tests (with the groovy dude in the Hawaiian shirt who shared my birthday)...celebrated Thanksgiving.....celebrated my birthday in a very quiet way....made an appointment for a contrast MRI (that means dye) for the next week. Whew!

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