Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fun with Frankel!

A good friend (thank you Sydney!) and chemo veteran said to me nearly two months ago, "You've got to find some fun things to do when you feel good!" Within an hour, I went online and applied to go to the new Bethenny Frankel Show produced by Ellen. "Hmmm" I thought, "This could qualify as fun." It's free, I think Bethenny is fun herself and I hope to drink one of her Skinny Girl margaritas by the end of summer.

A few weeks later, I got a call from the Ellen Degeneres Show stating that if I wanted two tickets to the new summer show, guaranteed tickets to see Ellen in the Fall, and a chance at attending one of her '12 Days of Christmas' shows then they were mine.

Pause.... (2 seconds) - "Uh, yeah" Mr. Audience Director, "Sign me up!"

So, the timing as I had hoped, worked out uber perfectly. Rough week last week... rested all day Monday... hopped in the car yesterday and headed to Burbank at 8:45 in the morning (showered AND dressed!).

The process went fairly easily (minus Hil misplacing her studio ticket minutes before our group got called up) as there was a buzz of excitement throughout the several hour wait.  And the estrogen-fest in the holding tank made for some good people-watching before we all made our way into Stage 1 at Warner Bros Studio.

Once inside, I forgot all about cancer, chemo, burnt veins and my bald head as my focus immediately shifted to a frenzy of screaming, clapping and dancing with 200 of my newest gal-pals. The 'Crowd Guy' quickly got everyone onto their feet and explained to us the dos and don'ts of the show and the commercial breaks were filled with dance-offs and giveaways.

Suddenly I was consumed by Stiletto Defense Classes, Dancing With the Stars' Maksim's shyness with women and bathing suit makeovers (love the new knit pants trend!). The Skinny Girl bartender (6 feet away) even provided Bethenny with a margarita and a straw to sit on Maksim's very fit, table-like derriere that she sipped her cocktail from.

Next thing you know, it's two hours later and I'm beyond exhausted from my newly-found fun and hoopla!  Man, I haven't had a workout like that since last Fall (clapping and standing is exhausting!). And it must have showed because as we were leaving the studio, we ended up chewing the fat with 'Crowd Guy' who not only took our picture but tapped me on the back as we were leaving and flung an Ellen shirt over my shoulder with a 'Here, take this and..... blessings to you!"

WOW! What a day. Note to self, MUST schedule more fun things to do when I'm feeling good. Next adventure....who knows? Maybe I'll take the cancer center up on one of those free glider rides for patients that they offered to me at the onset of treatment. Heck, if I can endure chemo, I'm certain I could soar like an eagle above the mountains.

Stay tuned.


  1. How TOOOOO fun! Yeah for you two. Fingers crossed for the Christmas giveaway.

  2. YEA for YOU (s) !!!! Sounds like a truly FUN time! Woot hoot! XX

  3. You both look so beautiful and happy! What a wonderful idea for having fun :)

  4. Looks like such a spirited + fun time... how awesome!