Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Here I Come!

I've said it once and I'll say it again, Nothing But Blue Skies are ahead - at least that's my personal motto for 2014. And if I have to fake it 'til I make it, then that's exactly what I will do.

For one, I am admittedly thrilled that a new year has rolled around because for the first time since November 2011, I am not looking towards surgeries, procedures, treatment and all that goes with the onset of a cancer diagnosis. Perhaps I'm fooling myself, and it's just the Tamoxifen talking, but I don't think so. Because if there's one thing my parents always taught my sister and I, it's to persevere and so I will.

With my emotional provisions in place, I am digging down deep in an attempt to get my life back on track after a 2 year roller coaster ride. New digs - check. Daily meditation - check. Daily inspirational quotes - check. Green drinks - hope to check. Exercise - must check. You get my drift.

As for one of the most important intentions that I'm carrying over from last year, it is to continue to surround myself with good peeps. And by that, I mean my family and friends that uplift me and ones that I hopefully uplift in return.

Interestingly enough, I found a source of inspiration in a box that was unpacked just last night. It was a small book my mom gave me back in 1993 from Shakti Gawain - Reflections in the Light: Daily Thoughts and Affirmations. A book that provides inspirational messages and thoughts for each day and one that now sits on my nightstand. Even more poetic is the message that my mom wrote to me on the inside cover:

                To Yogi,
                Given with much love and gratitude. Know that once the seeker sets upon the journey, everything wanted and needed will                appear at the perfect and right time.                                          
                                                                                 Love, Mom

Isn't she so wise?! Perfect timing yet again! Thanks so much mom, your words mean the world to me as usual! And as I continue to strive to gain a 'new normal' and perspective in my life, I hope that you will also make some time for soul-searching as you look forward to another year and yet another opportunity to find some peace and joy in your own life.

As for me, I'll leave you with today's quote to keep you in the present even though we are all looking ahead to the new year. Gotta stay in the here and now, right?!


Happy New Year everyone! Nothing But Blue Skies.

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