Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jill's Wish is My Wish

Logo Courtesy of Jill's Wish

Before Jill's Wish, I learned of this remarkable warrior via Twitter as I was laying in bed recouping from another chemo treatment.  I came across her video that to this day, has had such a lasting impression on me. I was immediately awe-struck, not just because of Jill's beauty, grace and elegance, but because of the tenacity, persistence and fortitude of this metastatic warrior. So then it began, the journey of following her journey, which, is why I simply had to feature her non-profit Jill's Wish for this month's Pinktober.

And in case you missed her raw and candid beauty in the 15 min documentary,  The Light That Shines by Sue Bryce, acclaimed fashion portrait photographer and videographer, you must take the time to watch it now. Because trust me, you will be impacted in the same way that so many thousands have been by her message and her essence. 

Even more impressive has been Jill's pay-it-forward and give-back mission to spread her message of strength, love and joy in the midst of her own personal health challenges. Between hospital visits and treatment, she has appeared on several T.V. spots, morning shows and at conferences saying that if she could help "just one person" then she could "die a happy person." 

Wow. What?!

Of course there is more, which is again why I wanted to feature her on my website and blog. And like me, she has endured the financial strain of cancer which is why one of her biggest messages and fundraising efforts is to help others in need. Bingo, she hooked me yet again!

Fast forward to a few days ago when I read on her facebook page that the 'beast' (as we both call it) is coming at her in full force, leaving her with few treatment options. My heart simply sank. But knowing Jill, she is still forging forward with both grace and courage as she attends to her current health challenge. With her wonderful mom and amazing husband, Bart by her side, my guess is that she is still giggling her way through yet another serious phase of her life.

So, with that, please take some time to learn more about this amazing warrior and then immediately donate any amount that you can to her cause that is so close to her heart and of course mine.

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