Friday, February 10, 2012

Goodbye to Caregiver #3: ALA!


Yet again, I had to say another goodbye to a loving caregiver. Seriously, it simply never changes. I still have such a difficult time with the farewells and the parting of the ways. But, it's just how it goes these days.

This time, a dear 'ol friend of Hil's family of nearly 30 years came for a weekly shift. We lovingly call her 'Aleesh' in spite of the fact that her official namesake is Alicia. And fortunately, all three of us have forged an amazing bond and friendship over the years and we are proud to call her our friend/sister/family.

And, of course, when all of 'this' came up, Aleesh immediately cleared her busy professional/work schedule to come down for a 'watch.' 

In usual Aleesh style, my 'Sagittarius Sister' promptly kicked it into high gear the minute she walked through our front door. Big hugs and tears - check. Unpack - check. Change clothes - check. Survey fridge and cabinets for food items - check. Make a menu for the week - check.  Make a list of house items to do and fix - check. Check on my med schedule - check. Re-alphabetize spices - check.

We know these things about Aleesh because we were all roommates 15 years ago. And, because poor Hil had to reside with two OCD, overly-organized Sagittarians (all like-silverware load this way into the dishwasher, coffee items in this cabinet, mail center at the end of the dining room). Poor thing, we still laugh about our 'ways' and give Hil the credit she deserves for putting up with our absurd ways back then.

And there you have it. We all swiftly fell into our familiar routine.

'ALA' (that's Ilocano for 'Hey!' 'Oh God!' 'You've got to be kidding!', etc) became the word of the week and now I can't seem to stop saying it. I even throw my head back or shake it as Aleesh does for additional measure. The dog food lid fell onto the floor - 'ALA!' The phone is ringing and I'm down stairs - 'ALA!' I forgot to text a friend back from last week - 'ALA!' It's just so fitting to so many situations.

But in all seriousness, I have never met someone so selfless, giving, loving & caring. She is tender- hearted and benevolent. She does things for others (and animals) because that's what her heart leads her to do. She is a humanitarian and contributor to all things, animals and people and I can't find the words to thank her enough for her time in caring for me. 

I turned a corner last week - part of that was due to time but I also attribute part of my progress to her. She uplifted my spirit and for that, I am eternally grateful.

ALA! How to say thanks? I just don't know. So again, I simply say 'Thank you dear friend. Enormous gratitude for, well, simply being Aleesh.'


  1. Will do! She's simply the best! A beacon of light for sure (just like you!!). XOXO

  2. Very cool sister but you made me get all teary eyed!

  3. Love that girl too! Glad she took such good care of you.

  4. That's "Manang"! She's the BEST. Glad she was able to do her magic...for the BEST as well. Nothing but love... and yes I did get teary eyed too. Okay okay, I cried.


  5. Both 'Manang' AND 'Ading' are the BEST!! Lucky me!