Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-Day + 'My Henry' = Warms My Heart!

After a bit of an emotionally draining day yesterday with 3-plus hours of doctor's appointments and waiting to hear if I need chemo, I hit my pillow last night like a ton of bricks! Hoping to wake up with a fresh perspective and positive source of energy to keep this cancer recovery train a rollin' - I was over the moon when I received this text from a past client and now my young friend (thanks to his fab parents!).  For those of you who know me well, I adoringly refer to him as 'My Henry' and haven't stopped talking about him on a monthly basis for the past 6 years (and probably never will - get used to it!). For those of you who don't know me as well, trust me when I say that this kid's an exceptional one!

I don't have my own children so I relish and treasure my young 'friends' (my professional lingo that I call all of my young clients), but this one's a special one! From the moment and day that I walked into his house for home speech therapy to today, he continues to touch my heart! All grown up at age 9 and now living a few states away in the hip city of Austin, 'My Henry' continues to be full of fun, kindness, brilliance and generosity (props to his stellar parents too!).

Waking up each day for me is a unique experience based upon pain, recovery, coping and hope.  But, how did my young friend and his family know how much I needed this Valentine - TODAY?!

As usual, I sat up in bed, ate a cracker (pre-med routine), took my meds, turned on my phone and had this charming Valentine picture waiting for me in my text messages. I gasped with joy!

So to that, I say thank you to 'My Henry' and his family! I heart you all back!

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