Thursday, February 2, 2012

Caregivers or Ninjas?

Really? This is the kind of help I'm getting these days? Come on .... someone .... help a sister out!

Well at least I'm protected. Could have used them yesterday as I heard a loud sound downstairs as I was by myself for a short while. And I thought, I have no way of protecting myself! What am I going to do? So I simply said out loud - "Fine, take me! I have no way to defend myself!" (It was our dog jumping up on our couch) So, maybe some Ninjas aren't such a bad idea?


  1. This is cute!
    I'm also a 3x Breast Cancer person..... 3 primaries. Is that what you've had?
    Go, ninjas!

  2. Thx Liza! They really are the best caregivers! And yes, my 3 cancers have all been new primaries too. Crazy cancer! So see, this is why I need ninjas!

  3. WOW! You're the first person I've ever met other than myself with 3 primaries. We are a rare breed, it appears.
    We should talk!!!
    See you on Twitter.