Sunday, February 5, 2012

Milestones and Perspective: It's a Good Thing

Back then...and now!

I'm not sure if it's just me (although I don't think so), but there are cancer milestones and statistics constantly swimming around in my head. And to me, this one's a big one because it is so hard for me to believe that merely one month ago, I was laying in a hospital room starting my recovery process from a double mastectomy and reconstruction.

I came out a new person indeed.

I look at things differently, I smell things differently and quite frankly, I don't really care about the matters and concerns that used to annoy me. All I can see now is life! I love going to the beach and delight in watching the sunsets each week, I thoroughly relish and am so present (minus my little 'med moments' and narcolepsy) in the visits from friends and family and have an overwhelming amount of gratitude for what's important in life. So, yet again, I suppose I should thank cancer for my newfound perspective. Life is good, fresh and full of marvelous moments.

Thank you cancer.....I get it now. I really do.


  1. I TOTALLY AGREE with this perspective! Cheers! to life! XO

  2. You know it Sydney! The silver lining right?

  3. that a way to make lemonade, girlee!

  4. You've helped me "get it" too sister. Thank You!

  5. Ditto Sister! that's what sisters do right?!