Friday, March 16, 2012

Goodbye to Caregiver #4: Ode to Jane

A few weeks overdue but not forgotten, is my last nod to a caregiver (#4). This time, an ode to Jane (AKA, 'Janie, Jane, Jane'/'JJJ'). The cousin to Caregiver #3 ('Aleesh') whom we have known for many years and are so fortunate to not only call her a dear friend, but we consider her family as well. 

Jane contacted us to volunteer her time and vacation days to drive down from the Bay Area to care for me while Hil went back to work. And at such a pivotal time, Jane came during my first attempt to return to work by taking me to a two-day conference in Santa Barbara after Hil dropped me off the first morning. Then she was off and running with driving me around, juicing, cooking dinners, getting our van smogged and even had time to schedule some play time with Romeo! We talked, napped, laughed, cried and honestly, she just renewed my spirit.

In usual Jane style, she had the calm, loving essence that I so needed during the week that she came. And also in her Jane-Pisces groove, she went with the flow, laughed along the way, and approached her caregiving with the finesse, serenity and peacefulness that was so needed. I have always felt such a sense of tranquility whenever I'm in the presence of Jane which I always treasure. But on the flip side, I never laugh and giggle so much as when I'm around her!

'JJJ' brought a warmth and balance into our home that both Hil and I needed along with a playfulness that was long overdue. Cut from the same cloth as her cousin Aleesh, they both intuitively know what needs to happen and exactly when! And just when I thought I couldn't handle being out, Jane swiftly engaged me in conversations about matters of life that bring me joy like poetry, dogs, travel and creativity.

One of THE most creative and artistic people I know, Jane brought her innovative mindset into our home and left us with the gift of inspiration. So to that Janie, Jane, Jane - I thank you, Hil thanks you and Romeo pants a warm dose of love your way (he still wanders by your room at night and first thing in the morning, looking for his pal Jane! He's so dreamy over you!).

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  1. Awww.....thank you for letting me relive my time there. You caught me red handed with that ice cream. I MISS being with you guys!!!! Sending lots of love love love and big big hugs to you both (and a bunch of little ones to Romeocito)!!!!

    <3 JJJ (Janie Jane Jane)