Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Herceptin #15: On The Homestretch

I can hardly believe that I'm on the homestretch of treatment as this part of my life has become my new 'normal,' my routine, and in some ways, my salvation. As I now see an end in sight, I enter each treatment in the chemo room with newer, fresher, wiser eyes. I suppose that my 'new life' as my cousin and I often call it, continues to provide me with a fresh perspective. Life is fragile, short and full of pay-it-forward moments as we often experience in the chemo room.

This treatment was no different as it sent Hil scanning the room for opportunities to help other patients with their technology as there is always someone in need. And Herceptin #15 provided her with yet another opportunity to be a personal technical assistant. This time, she helped a male patient during his chemo treatment so that he could hop onto the Cancer Center's Wi-Fi and his iPad during his 5 hour stint. Mission complete.

Me on the other hand, well, I connected with a fellow breast cancer survivor who is also what I term a 'repeat offender.' On her second diagnosis now and in the treatment room for her first chemo, I sat down next to her for a bit on our way out as we discussed how to keep our spirits and bodies moving forward. Yoga? Cancer Center classes? Walking? Naps? Whatever it takes.

Whatever the case, we know it's good for our souls to help others, pay it forward and be there for someone else. And even though this treatment knocked the wind out of my sails, I'll still keep going back for more. Why? Well....why not? I'm still chasing my cure and getting ready to cross the finish line soon.

Herceptin #20, here I come!

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