Friday, February 8, 2013

Doctor's Check-ups & Check-ins

I suppose one could say that these gowns and doctor's visits are now considered a new hobby of mine. I wear the gowns often and see my surgical team at regular intervals, and according to my journal, I seem to be partaking in this activity way more than any exercise program so far. So, there you have it, an official hobby.

But all new obsessive hobbies must come to an end or at least, taper off as I learned during these two recent surgeon's visits. And only weeks apart, both of my surgical docs (Dr. Grafton - Mastectomy Surgeon & Dr. Soares - Plastic Surgeon) broke the news to me that they didn't need to see me as often. I made every attempt to stay strong and wear my grown-up face, but I'm not sure I pulled it off.

I don't see Dr. Grafton until June and Dr. Soares told me to "just make an appointment some time after you finish your chemo/infusion treatments." WHAT?! I'm getting downgraded to longer stretches of check-ups?!

Yeah, yeah, I know this is great news to you, but what most of you will never understand is just how very much I have come to rely on my surgical peeps. They're my backbone, my personal support group, my sources of inspiration. Now what? Even Hil gasped once we got back in the car. How would Dr. Soares get on with his new iPhone 5 without her technical help?

Well, dare I admit that I will now be forced to seek out an official hobby like swimming, roller-blading, or collecting refrigerator magnets like my sister-in-law? Man, what a brutal transition this is turning out to be.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I think I may need some assistance and reinforcement on this one.

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