Sunday, January 27, 2013

Herceptin #14 Baby!

The drive to my treatments can best be described as the time that I get my 'good juju on!' The routine usually goes like this: silence in the car...turn the phones off...breathe...Hil sings me 'Our Song' (thank you Dave Matthews!)...hold hands and follow it up by doing our 'good intentions!' And for some reason, the guy upstairs always seems to make sure that it's a sunny day, hence my ritualistic phrase, "It's a GREAT DAY for a Herceptin treatment!" Drive. Check.

After seeing my oncologist (luv Dr. G!), I'm escorted into the treatment room by him like he's my own personal chemo valet. To my surprise, I am greeted by my old 'Chemo Mixologist' Amber! Yippee! She's been hitting the books hard and getting her teaching degree (science and math of course) so we haven't seen much of her lately, but let me say that she always lifts my spirits as she brings me my Herceptin cocktail bag on a tray! Luv her too! Treatment. Check

Lastly, Hil and Amber get caught up and swap recent life stories all the while we all ignore the pink-breast-cancer-elephant-in-the-room! And while my veins are being flooded with my cure, this is about the time I doze off and fade into my meds slumber before heading back down the coast to home and bed.

Herceptin #14. Check

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