Thursday, May 23, 2013

Turtles of Inspiration!

Happy WORLD TURTLE DAY! I know this seems so 6th grade of me to start collecting such trinkets of every color, texture and size at my age, but may I just say that this little fellow has been one of my main sources of inspiration throughout the past year and a half. I have such respect for my hard-shelled, reptile friends and their steadfast, courageous and resolute ways in which they embrace and face life. So, without repeating myself, check out my original posting on the beauty and inspiration of the turtle and help me honor this ancient and persistent nautical warrior! And be sure to live life with the zest of the turtle!


  1. Happy turtle day (belated)! My friend has a 10 year old turtle and it is a quiet, crawling part of the family. ~Catherine

  2. So cute Catherine! Luv these little friends!