Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chris' Cancerversary!

And here he is folks! 1 year later and look at Chris now! As many of you know, my 'chemo comrade' Chris was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma 1 year ago today. His mom Dee (my amazing cousin!) says she remembers every single detail about this day last year. Where she was sitting, what Chris was doing, who told them, how she felt, etc... That's how it works in Cancerland you know, recalling every minuscule detail of a diagnosis like it was just yesterday.

But 1 year later, Chris is thriving, back in school and back in his game (go Chieftains baseball!). He's been declared 'cured' (such a spectacular word!) and sporting a rockin' new do! And even though he sees his Stanford docs and team every 4-6 weeks for the plethora of tests for this gig, I think Chris is amazing and.... wait for it....wait for it.... LE - GEN - DAR - Y!

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