Tuesday, September 24, 2013

P.ink Tattoo Day!

Picture it, 10 breast cancer survivors, 10 tattoo artists and 10 healing hearts. Sounds AWESOME to me! And all because of one uber inspirational breast cancer warrior, Molly Ortwein.

Fast forward a year and a breast cancer diagnosis later and there's a new gal in town and a very cool organization called Personal Ink (P.ink). Ready to pay it forward, Molly and her crew over at P.ink are sponsoring and fundraising for their first PINK TATTOO DAY being held in New York City on October 21, 2013 at Save Tattoo Studio. Her mission: to "help turn something painful for breast cancer survivors into something beautiful." How awe-inspiring is that? Because let me tell you something, when the 'old girls' go and the 'new girls' arrive, the process is not such an easy one. It takes time. It takes acceptance. It takes therapy (AND a rockin' tattoo!).

So, when I first saw Molly's mission to assist fellow survivors feel better about themselves through beautiful body art, she had me! And although I'm medically unable to participate for their first fabulous event in the big city, I at least wanted to spread the word on how you can personally make a difference in someone's healing and life.

Here's what to do... Go to their indiegogo fundraising page for Pink Day 2013 and make a contribution towards their $25,000 goal! There, you'll see a very moving video and 2 clicks later, you've just made a huge difference in the often challenging journey following breast cancer and a mastectomy. It'll make you feel good for days! There's numerous levels of tax-deductable donations that you can contribute from $10 - $5,000 and they'll even throw in a few freebies for you.

So, do something good, click on over to the fundraising page right now but don't forget to keep up with them on Twitter or their beautifully curated P.ink Pinterest page for a dose of inspiration.

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