Tuesday, October 1, 2013


As I marinate in the pro's and con's of Breast Cancer Awareness month and all of its pink glory, I internally struggle with how to make it more about people vs. spending some greenbacks on a pink cuisinart that has yet to find me a cure. And as my sister Kim and I often joke around with our 'Pink, Pink you Stink!' mantra, I have decided to shift my efforts this year from raising funds that have NOT found a cure for breast cancer to raising awareness about some pretty awesome warriors and causes. So, stay tuned during the month of PINKTOBER and I promise to deliver an ample amount of very groovy peeps, tributes and fabulous events that I know you can stand behind and appreciate. Because the bottom line is that I am beyond weary of this disease, people dying and no cure in sight! Instead, let's all simply give some well-deserved salutes where needed and cross our fingers that all of that pink paraphernalia might actually buy us what we truly need - a cure.

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