Friday, October 25, 2013

Sky's the Limit! Writing a New Story...

Today, I was featured on Wendy Nielsen's blog, 'Writing a New Story.' She has featured several touching stories from breast cancer warriors this month and I am honored to not only be on Wendy's blog but to be among the sea of kick-ass warriors (including Wendy!). So, click on over there to read the full story, learn a little bit more about my thoughts about this crazy cancer journey and be sure to read the other stories while you're there. They are truly amazing! Thank you Wendy!

Picture courtesy of Wendy Nielsen's blog post
on me about my journey!

"31. 34. 51. She says they aren't her measurements. What are they then? Meet Dee Anne Barker. She's a three time breast cancer survivor and those numbers reflect her age at each diagnosis. Today she shares her incredible story. Read more..."

Image courtesy of Wendy Nielsen's blog, Writing a New Story


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    1. Thanks for stopping by! Nothing But Blue Skies ~Dee Anne

  2. As always, you continue to inspire me! Keep up the good writing!