Thursday, October 17, 2013

Male Breast Cancer Documentary: 'Times Like These'

When I first came across these two guys, my heart just sank and immediately took me back to the early 90's to a time when a friend/colleague of mine (also named Bob) was diagnosed with breast cancer not too long after my first diagnosis. We were instantly bonded in that breast cancer way even though 'One-Boob-Bob' (his own nickname!) and I were different genders of the same cancer. We did cancer-survivor fashion shows together, fundraisers, and walks to raise awareness for the masses, but frankly, he was the only guy out there among a sea of women. And so, my first introduction to male breast cancer was born out of Bob's diagnosis.

Fast forward  20 years and a few weeks ago when I came across these two guys, Bill and Bob, on their Facebook pageI was captivated instantaneously and thought, FINALLY, someone is addressing the male side of breast cancer! The side that few are aware of or maybe even ignore. But it's for real, so here are a few stats that may surprise you but will aide in your knowledge of this female dominated cancer during the annual October Breast Cancer awareness campaign:
  • There are 2000 new male breast cancer cases diagnosed every year
  • 25% of men diagnosed with breast cancer will die
  • Men of all ages can be affected with breast cancer
So, let's cut to the chase so you'll know how to help with Bill and Bob's campaign. First,  click here to watch the trailer of two extraordinary men who were complete strangers but were brought together through their breast cancer diagnosis. Secondly, please donate any dollar amount that you can on their Kickstarter campaign page so that they can finish this very important film 'Times Like These' and generate more awareness about male breast cancer. Lastly, know the signs and risks of male breast cancer for either yourself or loved ones.

There are only 23 more days to help fund this campaign! So, please help spread the word by forwarding this blog post, their Facebook page and their Kickstarter crowdfunding page! 



  1. Thanks for this post! These are club members I would like to meet!. I had a brush w/a man who had breast cancer once

    Curious how they feel about the pink haze. Have a great day, Yogi. :)

  2. Thank you for putting it out there. Sadly, a huge part of the population thinks that only women can get breast cancer, which is why some of those who have it tend to ignore the tell-tale symptoms until it’s too late. Hopefully this awareness will spread and convince guys to have themselves checked, or at the very least do self-examinations.

    Robert | OC Breast Wellness