Monday, December 19, 2011

Breast Cancer Puzzle

While most everyone has been out fighting the holiday crowds and shopping for last minute deals, we've been driving up and down PCH between Ventura and Santa Barbara shopping around for my 'Healing Dream Team' (HDT). Interviewing surgeons, collecting business cards, pamphlets and breast cancer booklets like my 17 year old nephew's baseball collection. I must say, the menu of doctors and treatment options have, without a doubt, changed since my first diagnosis in 1992. But due to my stubborn family genetics (thank you mom and dad!), my OCD tendencies (I knew they'd come in handy) and my Sagittarius stamina, I have finally assembled what I believe to be my HDT! And, I promise to introduce you to them soon but after three weeks of interviews, appointments and procedures, right now I'm going to relax with a little afternoon tea followed by another green drink because apparently, a cocktail isn't on the menu.


  1. Sending love and healing powers to you and your dream team!

  2. Thanks & gratitude to you Julie! I'll be taking you up on that cocktail you promised Pete would make for me in a mere few weeks. Don't think I won't remember.