Sunday, December 4, 2011

Note to self. MUST have gratitude.

I am grateful for the outpouring of love via emails, texts, and phone messages. I am grateful to my family for their love, daily phone calls and texts (rock on sister & mom!). I am grateful to Hil's family for their endless love and support. I am grateful to my neighbor Nicole who stopped her own tree decorating with her young daughter to come over and put up our tree and take down all of our boxes of decorations. I am grateful to Julie and her beautifully, well said, heartfelt words 5 times a day. I am grateful for the very sweet and touching email from My Henry's parents. I am grateful for Russell Brand's comedy DVD and for LMAO! I am grateful for Mari's wisdom. I am grateful for the beautiful yellow flowers left at my front door from my 'new/old' friend Donna. I am grateful for Cynthia who I can call at any time after 32 years because she's always there for me, long distance, and going the distance. I am grateful for Facebook's instant messaging so I can chat with my all-time-favorite-sign-language-student and now friend, Louise, in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am grateful to Rosa for being my personal Fed-Ex courier. I am grateful to my new boss 'Saint Silvia' because, she's simply a saint. I am grateful to A.H. for keepin' it real. I am grateful to Marti-Mama for the Cedars Sinai referral. I am grateful to our other neighbor Kim, who brought over an organic rotisserie chicken for dinner and for christmas shopping for us. I am grateful to Aleesh for her love and some much needed 'obligatory reporting.' I am grateful for House Hunters on HGTV to take my mind off of everything. I am grateful to my 13 year old little pooch for the staring contests because he can't figure out what's going on with me. I am grateful to a fellow breast cancer survivor and new/old friend Sydney who is helping me navigate my way through this while she is still navigating her own way. I am grateful for STL for THE most hilarious hospital story I have EVER heard - busted! I am grateful to SKYPE so that I can talk with my cousins in Sweden at any time. I am grateful to Barb ('Flascher') for her willingness and attempts to get me into the MAYO clinic. I am grateful for 'Purple Sue' because, well, I love purple and she's just Sue.

And lastly, I am so very grateful for Hil, who will stop at NOTHING to drive me everywhere, ask a million questions at every appointment, do research into the wee hours of the morning while I sleep because she doesn't want me to see or read anything right now, make a million phone calls on my behalf, be my wound-care specialist and for bravely watching my needle biopsy while silently mouthing "Oh. My. God." I am truly blessed and so very grateful.

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