Thursday, January 5, 2012

Negative is the NEW Positive

I realize this sounds like the worst oxymoron in history coming from someone who thrives on staying as positive as possible throughout this journey, but in my case and in the case of cancer #3, there is something to be said about being negative. And while I don't want all of the tests to be negative, I was praying especially hard to the Lymph-Node-Gods that my sentinel lymph node biopsy results came back with a capital N - and they did! My wonderful surgeon Dr. Kim Grafton just called to say "I have some happy news to share!" So, enormous thanks and gratitude for more good news as I embrace yet another game changer on this journey which means most likely no chemo & no radiation again! Join me in a big WOOT! WOOT!


  1. Great news!! What a relief! You have been in my thoughts all week and especially tomorrow. I loved your post about sea turtles which has been Jordan's favorite animal and inspiration for a long time -- we have so many books about sea turtles. Jordan and I like to say...when times get tough "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." This is a line from Finding Nemo as they are swimming down into dark waters past an angler fish, so Yog Just keep swimming. Love you!!