Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cleaning for a Reason

Did you know that there is a remarkable non-profit organization called Cleaning for a Reason? It was brought to our attention from our own housecleaning company Stel Housecleaning, just a week prior to me going in for surgery. Hil contacted the owner, Estela to tell her that we needed our house cleaned before I came home from the hospital. Concerned, Estela asked Hil why I was going into the hospital and was everything ok. After Hil told her about my situation, Estela immediately shifted into gear and told us about a foundation that cleans houses for women with cancer. We were both astounded and excited when Estela called us back a few days later to say that her company was one of the businesses partnered with the non-profit and that Stel Housecleaning was authorized to clean our house for the next four months at no charge to us while I go through recovery, treatment and another surgery. Can you believe this? This may seem like a small act of kindness, but let me say that when you are in the midst of cancer and all that comes with it, we were just over the moon with gratitude for this foundation and for Estela for setting this up for us. And an extra dose of help really does go a long way these days. So if you feel like paying it forward, go to their website to make a donation!

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