Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Goodbyes! OYE!

2 Moms, 3 weeks, 2 goodbyes - enough already! I can't take this anymore! Just when I get used to having a mom in the house, they leave. The nerve of them, getting back to their own lives. And just because Cherie (AKA 'Mama') isn't my biological mom (Hil has claim to her), she's a mom nonetheless. And just as I was resurrecting from the surgical aftermath, she showed up in the nick of time after my mom returned to her own life. Chief cook, dishwashing maven and ruler of the laundry piles, Mama's got some mad caretaking skills. But, mid-week, she fell into the pain abyss alongside Hil and I as the three of us pulled an all-nighter when I spiraled down through the 'breast expander incident' (don't know what else to call that hell-ish episode). And after we all rebounded from THAT (I refuse to say it again!), she quietly and casually returned to her house-attendant responsibilities without missing a beat. So, a big shout-out to Hil's mom, Cherie, Mama, Caretaker Concierge for volunteering her time, her love and her heart! Forever grateful!