Monday, January 23, 2012

Technology & Healing: The Perfect Match

Ever since I can remember, my older sister Kim and I (well, the only sister I have) kind of have our own language. We're not twins, although my mom dressed us alike for years and many people thought we were twins even though we're two years apart.  But we're just like our late father whenever we chat it up. We crack ourselves up at our own repetitiveness, kookiness, goofy jokes, and nicknames (we have the same one for each other - 'sister'). We also have the same off-beat humor and pop out our one-liners like it's the first time we've said it, look at each other and laugh 'til we're crying while everyone else looks at us in a completely baffled and puzzled way. But we could care less. The only bummer of it all is that we live 5 hours apart and so we don't get to see each other often which makes going through this whole cancer gig without my 'sister' a bit of a drag. I so miss her so much, so, we're doing the next best thing - FaceTime baby! She's a computer geek and I'm a Chatty Cathy (hence, the Speech & Language Pathologist job) so FaceTime on our iPhones has really helped us stay connected. It's way more personal than the old fashioned, auditory version of communication of holding our phones up to our ears. Plus, we get to do our sister gig in real time. She's always making me laugh during our face-to-face calls these days which so hurts these wicked breast expanders, but it's so worth it! Maybe we should switch to Skype so I can do my new yoga move when she cracks me up - 'down expanders' when I place my hands on my chest to minimize the pesty pain. But all in all, I'm loving my daily real-time chatter where we can rant, rave, chuckle and yak it up to our hearts content. So, a round of applause to technology (and to my sister) 'cuz as we always say, "that's just how we roll!"


  1. Love you two biggers and a whole lots sister! Peace out ;-)

  2. Ditto sister! We're Barkers & we can get through ANYTHING! Let's rock it sister!