Sunday, January 8, 2012

Home, Sweet, Home

Coming home from the hospital was both exciting and a wee bit terrifying. But the beautiful drive home from Santa Barbara to Ventura made up for any angst that I might have been feeling. The ocean couldn't be any more sparkly and the sun was beaming its brightest yellow on this momentous day.

After arriving home, we realized that climbing the flight of stairs to the bedroom was not an option so, setting up 'Operation Recovery' downstairs on the couch was the next best option. Here, I'm at arm's length to everything necessary. And I was so excited on my first day back that I walked outside to greet more sun and make my way to our mailbox on this glorious day.  It kind of set me back a couple of days, but it was well worth the sidewalk stroll.

In the the meantime, camping out on the couch downstairs has allowed my mom and Hil the opportunity to keep a watchful eye on me and poke fun at my newest diagnosis - narcolepsy. Apparently, I fall asleep at the snap of a finger these days so please don't take it personally if I'm mid-sentence with you and you hear nothing in return from me except for a little heavy breathing. But no worries, I'll eventually wake up and join back in on the conversation.

But for now, nothing else matters to me because - I'm home.

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