Sunday, January 22, 2012

R is for Reconstruction

To say that my pain hit an all time high this past week would be an understatement. But without going into great detail, let's suffice it to say that the breast expanders for reconstruction that were inserted during the mastectomy surgery about brought me to my knees last Wednesday night. They serve a very important purpose and will for the next three months in preparation for the permanent implants; but before they come out, I've got to learn to befriend these things. However, staying up all night because of excruciating pain brought me to an all time low and I knew something wasn't right. Panic set in, the tears wouldn't stop and the pain was going nowhere but up. I had been told to go cold turkey on my pain meds by a nurse and manage the discomfort with Tylenol as this was typical protocol at this point in the game, but it wasn't touching my misery. The next day, Hil talked with both surgeons who saw me and decided that I was a tad too inflated. So, after having 180cc's drained, I was able to handle life again. Now my mission is to prep myself mentally and physically for three months of 'expanding' these things and my muscles before the final surgery in April. Cross your fingers and wish me luck because this is no pony ride!


  1. OUCH! Glad they figured out how to help the pain. This ain't no pony ride fo sho! Fingers and toes crossed and an ocean of love surrounds you always!

  2. Agree with Julie ! The love is always surrounding you! And, damn ( and love) the expanders!